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von ERIKA is an ode to nature.

von ERIKA is an ode to nature.

It is all about forests, meadows and wild animals. Nature is captured and brought to your homes. The two founders of von ERIKA follow their hearts with camera and pencil, appreciate good design and craftsmanship and focus on homely wellbeing. By the way, neither of the two is called Erika.

Natural motifs are drawn by Tanja Deschner and photographed by Christina Eckert. The designers combine these elements in their collections and process their printed fabrics into homeware. The textile home accessories are available under the brand name von ERIKA since 1st June 2014.

von ERIKA´s central idea is the philosophy of biophilia – a feeling of wellbeing due to the closeness to nature – this holds true for the design as well as the materials used. Exclusively organic fabrics are processed and also the digital print meets the strict criteria of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). von ERIKA itself is certified according to GOTS.

Besides the design requirements von ERIKA focusses on highest quality materials. All products are manufactured in Germany, therefore all the details can be carefully coordinated, local craftsmanship is supported and the environment is protected by short transit. The products are currently available in von ERIKA´s own webshop (

von ERIKAs heart and brains are two Berlin based neighbours, whose aim is to capture nature, bring it into people´s homes and create something beautiful and lasting. Two women from the countryside who met in the big city and now combine their private interests and professional experiences to invest in their matter of heart.

The brand name von ERIKA originates in the erica plant, the heather: a robust flower with delicate blossoms growing on clearings in the forest, amongst proud trees and soft moss, touched by sunlight. It is the founders´ intention to convey this picture by the von ERIKA products.


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