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What does the name von ERIKA mean?
The inspiration for our work is a clearing in the forest: moss-coverd ground, proud trees, warm sunlight, birds singing. This is the place we think of when we create our products. An extensive clearing is named heathland. And there, a plant named heather grows which means ´Erika´ in German. This is how the idea to the name von ERIKA was developped.

Who are the persons behind von ERIKA?
Tanja draws and Christina takes photographs. Together we are von ERIKA and create textile products which bring nature to your homes: from OUTDOORS. for INDOORS. We live and work in Berlin, our motives are collected on travels, on walks through meadows and forests or just in our heads. Fate has led us together and our ideas show, that we have found each other. 

Why are the von ERIKA inner cushions not certified by GOTS?
One of the requirements for a GOTS certificate are natural fibres. von ERIKA decided to use polyester fillings due to its easy maintenance, its haptics and formability. The products are certifi
ed due to OEKO-TEX 100, product class 1 for babies and therfore guarantee high quality and the abscence of harmful substances. 

Why does von ERIKA offer Theraline® fillings for the nursing/ side-sleeper pillows?
We made this decision based on our experience and to meet the demand of highest quality. As being mothers of singletons and twins ourselves we can unrestrictedly recommend this product.

When are new von ERIKA products released?
We plan to extend our collection half-yearly. New products and motifs in the sector of living and baby, or even special editions, are released iln November and May. 

Is it possible to buy von ERIKA products locally and offline?
The online-shop is our home base. Additionally, we offer our products in several shops, on markets and fairs, at pop up events. For requests concerning retail on- or offline, please feel free to contact us via 

What is paypal? What is skrill?
For the payment transactions within our online-shop we decided on using paypal and skrill. These are payment services which guarantee a trouble-free and safe transaction of data and money. These providers also enable our customers to chose from several payment options.