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Having a feeling of well-being through the proximity to nature. This is von ERIKA’s inspiration: this feeling of freshness, security and quiet that you experience when staying at the clearing of a forest –which is transferred into the homes of the customers. It is proved that nature has a positive effect on humans, so we very carefully create our products and choose our colours and materials.


von ERIKA is certified according to the Global Organic Textile Standard. This means that organically produced natural fibres are processed and the requirements of conservation technology are met along the entire textile production chain. Furthermore, all processors and manufacturers are committed to minimum social criteria.
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von ERIKA products are a delight for the eye and meant for use, so it is important that they are easy to clean. The high quality of the materials and their finish stand for their keeping of shape and colour. Exact instructions for use can be found in the product descriptions and on the product labels.


Von ERIKA’s heart and mind are two neighbours in Berlin, two women from the country living in the city. To them, it is of importance that their products are manufactured in a nearby sewing works to keep the transits short, to have control of the quality of the finish through direct communication, and to support local trade.